Ok I can officially post about this now. This is my entry for the group show @ Kingswell in LA. Looking over the other works it should be a great show. I won’t be in attendance but if you’re near and your eyes seek visual satisfaction do attend.

Public Order Group Show x Kingswell LA

I’ve been relatively quiet on this end, but I’ve been asked to participate in Society6’s latest group show titled ‘Public Order.’ Which will be held @ KINGSWELL in LA. 

I’m excited and actually interested in the subject matter. Looking to really work a few things out, and put out what should be my best work to date.

Couple other things brewing too. New portfolio site / work / ventures.

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I just recently tied up the graphic novel I’ve been working on for the past couple of months. I’d been itching to draw anything unrelated to it, and in some sort of escape I drew this.

Here’s the personal commission I had mentioned & I can finally say it’s finished. 20+ hours of work, most of which was inking. Between this and working on the Split Lip comic my wrists have hated me. 

This is most intense linework I’ve ever done & making the coloring portion of this actually enjoyable. This whole weather change thing has got to me, and my mindset is correctly focused on what I want.

Finished the lines this morning after trying to push through last night, but my eyes were blurring and it became difficult to see what I was doing. Probably somewhere around 15-20hrs of ink work. It’s been a long time since I’ve really felt like showing the line work alone. Full treatment will be done later tonight. Right now I’m going to rest my hand, & read a book.

Serious amount of ink on this one. About 1/4 o the way through on this here, but excited to see it finished.

Figured I’d post this up, hoping to have this done by today or tomorrow.

I’ve been keeping things relatively low-key on this end, but actually have concrete things to talk about, so here we go.


You can find my recent astronaut piece in the new Society6 zine “Vacancy" just released a day or two ago. Buy it for the other work in it, because this is a damn good looking book.


Aaron Cahill (aka NGHBRS), Bene Rohlmann, Douglas Hale, Eric Petersen, Hiroshi Yoshida, Jacques Maes, Jamie Gee, Lala Gallardo, Lorin Brown, Martín Orza, Matthew Goik, Maude Cournoyer, Neil Leverett (aka Lev Man), Norman Duenas, Tom Kitchen, and Tracey Slater.


Also the illustration exhibit @ Forumartspace opens this Friday, Oct 18th & closes Nov 15th.

I had a chance when dropping off my work to see what else will be shown there & it all looks great. It should turn out to be a nice evening & hopefully a good experience for everyone involved. Personally these type of events are a bit odd for me. People asking questions about work I never really considered to have answers, but it’s a great spot run by people who are doing something solid in the city.


Sam from the horror anthology comic Split Lip has got a hold of me & we’ve just kicked off work on the most recent release.

I like what Sam’s got going over there at Split Lip, absolutely up my alley. Lots of refreshing ink work, and more than a typical creature of the week story.  Sam has a good eye when selecting artists for each story, & I’m excited he’s asked me to be a part of two things I’ve grown up on. Horror & comics is damn near to peanut butter & chocolate. 


I’ve got a commission I’ll be able to show real soon too, & it’s something I’ve always had in my mind. Wishing to draw for years & it’s finally coming to fruition.

Tried to simplify the process a bit on this one, & I’m enjoying the result. I actually made different hair & facial features this time around. It’s nice to be sketching again, & dumping out some ideas I’ve had bouncing around for a bit. You can buy a print HERE.

I’ll be a part of an illustration exhibit running from Oct. 18th - Nov 15th @ Forum Art Space

Aside from that things have been relatively low-key on this end, but with the seasons starting to make their move I’m trying my best to join them.

Been busy doing this & that, but found time between yesterday & today to work on this. So many things that gave me trouble on this one, the big one being the colors. I’m letting it sit here as is after stripping it down. 

With this gallery show one day away, I think I’m finally ready. This is the most prepared I’ve ever been for a show, so fingers crossed it payed off.

In the midst of getting things ready for printing, making tapes, book, & setting up a booth I somehow found time to start & finish this illustration. Typically I avoid drawing hands, because it happens to be the most frustrating thing for me but I think these turned out well enough seeing as I’m letting other eyes peek at them.

Either way, I’ll post pictures from the event & how I felt it went.

I’m finally back from an extended Chicago stay. I had a great time, & am finding it difficult to adjust back to normality. Riding bikes and hanging with all the buddies was much needed in a city that I feel at home in. Here’s some pictures from the trip. 

Now it’s time to hunker down, and turn out some new work & originals to have ready for an upcoming show @ Lake Affect Studios on August 24th. Something that rapidly drawing nearer, and with this 60 degree ‘Fall’ weather we are experiencing things are falling into place.

In between trying to consistently draw, I occasionally step away and make these things that sometimes resemble songs. 

On the board right now I have some exercises to get into from an art rep, client piece, local showings & a lot of ideas swimming around my head.

Chicago this Thursday thru Monday, camera & sketchbook a must. I’ve been trying to make a habit of carrying those two things around & utilizing them. Sketching has never been something I consider to be apart of my process, but it has it’s place and it’s a good area to keep notes collected.

Glad to put this one down for the day, after damn near 6 hours shading this one my hand could use a break. Feels great to take my time on something again though & after this piece I am seriously excited for whatever is next.

Doodle from last night, with hasty color blocked it. Going to finally be active posting new work & gunning for an art rep.

Small scene illustration that’s been sitting on my table for a bit now. Difficult and time consuming to make this look nice, so I opted to rush the colors and be ‘done’.